Witchtorture   Christianity has never been good for women.

Historically speaking though it takes a new invention coupled with the preexisting corrosive doctrine of religious misogyny to achieve that next tier of gynocidal malevolence.

“Accusations of witchcraft and demonic sex began to occur more frequently in the fifteenth century.  They were a feature of the first wide-ranging witch-hunt in the Rhone Valley in southern France in 1428, during which between one and two hundred witches were burned.  Less than sixty years later, a land mark text in the the history of misogyny appeared to explain why it was that more and more women were apparently leaving the Church and throwing themselves into the arms of Satan and his demons.  It is not that Malleus Maleficarum, or ‘Hammer of the Witches'(1487), has anything original to say about misogyny – it has not; it merely repeats all the abuse heaped upon women in the Bible and the Classical authors.  But what it does do for the first time is explicitly link the supposed weakness of women’s nature to their propensity to fall for the Devil, and thus become Witches.   Its influence was hugely augmented by a new invention – the printing press.  There is more than a little irony in the fact that the invention that would revolutionize people’s access to information should be so instrumental in spreading one of the most lethal forms of ignorance, fear and prejudice ever to manifest itself.”

-A Brief History of Misogyny:The World’s Oldest Prejudice by Jack Holland p.116-117

Just a brief snippet from the chapter titled: “From Queen of Heaven to Devil Woman”.  Sadly, there is much, much more, to discuss when it comes for the Christian hatred of women.