The Neo-Liberal dogma that attempts to shroud us from the realities of the world is on display in not one, but two cartoons for your edification.


Ah, here we see Neo-Liberalism invade our thinking. The thoroughly naive notion that we are all equal in society and if we just acted “nicer” (by ignoring systemic inequalities society) things would be peachy-freakn’-awesome.  In dogmatic Neo-Liberal thought we are just individuals making choices – no class, no sex, no position in society.  The structural factors of society are simply ignored. 



Boom!  Class analysis based in a grounded historical perspective. Radical Feminist/Political theory appreciates this notion and uses it in analyzing our society. On the contrary our choosy-choice 3rd wave Liberal Feminists/Liberals almost always overlook the insidious nature of the neo-liberal agenda and its toxic effects to community and people. Choices are never made in a vacuum.