SunNewsNetwork   Not many a tear was shed as Fox News North closed up shop.

“Sun News Network went off the air at 5 a.m. ET Friday after failing to find a new owner.  Programming on the channel was replaced with a Sun TV logo.  Sun Media Corp. issued a statement saying it spent months unsuccessfully trying to find a buyer, but financial losses meant it could not continue to operate.”

On a brighter note the Sun Logo is much more interesting and informative than any of the content that was available previously on SNN.

“The network began broadcasting in April 2011, launching a right-of-centre programming schedule, but it has had a constant challenge attracting viewers.”

The market for right-wing, fear driven false-populist hogwash just isn’t that large in Canada – go figure.

“Its supporters blamed the CRTC for not giving it the same access enjoyed by news channels operated by CBC and CTV.  The federal broadcast regulator denied Sun News a guaranteed spot on basic cable TV packages in August  2013.  Data released as part of that application showed that while the network was available to 5.1 million households, it was only attracting, on average, 8,000 viewers at any given time.”

I am completely shocked that SNN supporters would blame the government for their failure.

Having one less source of absolute nonsense contaminating the public airwaves is a good thing and really quite the lovely Valentine’s Day gift.  :)