Now where did that power spike come from? Arbourist: *sheepish grin*

Dammit CBC you just ratted me out! It is machinations like this (not reminding me about earth hour) and the insipid commercials on Radio 2 that are straining our relationship!

“Canadians joined millions around the world Saturday night in turning off their lights to mark Earth Hour, celebrating the eighth year of the annual event.

But as participation appeared to be on the decline in recent years, supporters emphasized the goal was to raise awareness of climate change — 24 hours a day.”

You would think that I would remember these sorts of occasions and stuff, being all socially responsible and what not.  Not the case this year.  I believe I behaved in a manner that can only be described as “anti-earth” hour.

As I am having the family over for supper today, so Saturday for me, was the day of preparation.  Doing laundry, using the oven to make Lazy Cabbage rolls (OMG, so good) and having almost every light in house on to facilitate proper vacuuming, mopping and dusting.  It was an orgy of domestic power consumption (oh the bitter shame).

Oh, and my damn Christmas Lights were on as well because the damn automatic timer is behind a rather large (but gradually shrinking) pile of snow so we had the outdoor lights a blazing as well.

So this year, Anti-Earth Hour was brought to you by yours truly The Arbourist here in Alberta, the home of big oil and big lack of environmental stewardship.

Arbourist Out.

Enviro-puppy had a sad because of me.  *sigh*

Enviro-puppy had a sad because of me. *sigh*