Why isn’t unabashed self interest paying of for meeeeee?

The politics in Alberta usually annoy the hell out of me.  How can the people of this province continue to elect a party that is puts the interests of Big Oil first in every fiscal decision.   For the latest example please see the latest Alberta budget, after we all have been looking in the mirror, where everyone except corporations got a tax hike.  Because jobs.  Keep voting PC Alberta blue zombies, keep voting blue.   Alberta voter idiocy aside; we’re actually here to look at the slow motion career seppuku going on for the Wild Rose defectors.

“Danielle Smith has lost her bid for the Progressive Conservative nomination in her riding of Highwood, losing out to Okotoks Coun. Carrie Fischer. “

What?  The former leader of the Wild Rose Party just failed to get her ass nominated. How is that even possible after betraying your hard right conservative base?  Hard right-wingers are known for their forgiveness and short memories when it comes to what they see as treasonous behaviour.  I have to say I am quite shocked at this outcome.

Smith was quite gracious in her failure:

“This is, of course, a mixed-emotions day for me. I did want to get a mandate to be the PC candidate for Highwood, but residents felt otherwise,” she said. “I look forward to supporting Carrie in her efforts to win this riding for the Progressive Conservatives.”

She said her decision to leave the Wildrose for the PC party, which may have contributed to her loss, was “absolutely not” a mistake. 

Oh lordy, call in the LOL-copters Danielle Smith.  In fact, call in the LOL-legionairs.  We’ll need all the guffaws as your garrulous words are fooling exactly no one.  You just got burned for your brash political opportunism.

I’ve never been a fan of the Wild Rose party, but they were the official opposition in Alberta and they did their best to slow down the PC corporate gravy train.  The exodus of Smith and the others devastated the party and the WRP is still rebuilding thanks to these floor crossers.

Make no mistake – I shed no tears for the WRP – but my animus lies with the resulting political vacuum created because the damn Opposition just joined the damn Government.  Who is left to keep our Big-Oil loving PC government in check?

Friends, Albertans – you’ll just have to look in the mirror.