corporatism   The amount of horseshit per square centimetre in this Edmonton Journal editorial must violate the laws of physics, it just isn’t reasonable to pack this much fail into one column of newspaper.  Who wrote this tepid work of Tory apologia? To me it smells like the business owners out East decided they needed to nobly stand up for the privileged in our province.

I’ve excerpted the parts I wanted to comment on, but you really should read the entire slavering, propagandistic ode the PC party over at the lowly esteemed Edmonton Journal.  Duly note that this is corporate boot-licking at its finest,  we should expect nothing less from the fearlessly-besotted-lick-spittles of what passes for editorial board over at the EJ.

“The choice, then, in Tuesday’s provincial election, comes down to competing economic visions.

We need a premier who can be our chief executive, piloting a $48-billion public company through a fiscal minefield for at least the next two years, while the world price of Alberta’s lifeblood, its oil, remains below $75 per barrel.

That person is Jim Prentice.”

I’m not looking for a fracking CEO to run our province.  The last thing we need is more business bullshit that erodes our values and sense of community, and more to the point our sense of humanity.

“In his March budget, Prentice came to grips with the issue of the province’s dependence on volatile oil revenues, and took the bold move of ending Alberta’s anti-tax political culture.”

Boldly raising the sin taxes and the gas tax.  Visionary stuff there, filled with visiony things and stuff…

“Is it a perfect plan? No. Even he’s admitted that, having reversed a decision to cut a charitable tax credit in half. There’s more room for improvement; many voters believe he should have spread the tax pain to the corporate sector.

Those types of changes could come if Prentice listens to the apparent groundswell of discontent that’s being revealed by recent polls.”

OH OF COURSE, our allegiance to the status quo has been serving the people of Alberta so damn well over the last 41 years.  Please note that changing the status quo never starts with electing more of the status quo.

“No one wants another costly and divisive election, hard on the heels of this one.”

Then don’t vote PC and we won’t have any problems with another divisive election, you know kinda like this election called opportunistically before the legislated date.

“only the PCs have campaigned on a vision that balances revenue generation with spending cuts in a way that will allow Alberta to weather this fiscal crisis and be better prepared to avoid future catastrophic swings in oil prices.”

Oh you mean where we balance the books on the backs of the poor and middle class while the elites and the corporations continue to unjustly prosper in our society.  I’m tired of that particular PC corporate provincial strategy.

“That sort of thinking is a clear sign that Prentice isn’t leading the same old Tory party; he’s a leader with clarity of vision and the aptitude to chart a new course for Alberta.”

How come this ‘new course’ sounds and looks exactly like the old course from yesteryear, only with different clowns at the wheel?   There is no ‘new course’ only more of the same BS that has been and will be bad for the average Albertan.