Sometimes, after a long, frustrating week, a soothing sonata to ease the built up tension just won’t do the trick. Sometimes a sublime symphony is wasted on a battered soul that just doesn’t have the fortitude to fully appreciate it. Sometimes you need something that will defibrillate your arrested senses, something that will inject adrenaline directly into your atrophied psyche, something that will forcefully infuse life back into your weary body.

Sometimes what is required is something angry and very, very loud.

I have been a Metallica fan for most of my life and “The God That Failed” is one of my favourite tracks from The Black Album. It expresses the anger I feel every time I find another story of children needlessly dying because their parents decided to pray and find a priest instead of a doctor. And even more so my anger that they don’t learn in spite of all the harm their faith has wrought. Never they hear the discouraging lies. When faced with that kind anguish and frustration, sometimes all you can do is crank up the volume and scream along.