Know your troll, an informative look at the variety of Canadian dudes who still don’t get it. :/

Elle Beaver

Canada’s first notable instance of a ”FHRTIP” episode has become an incendiary topic on social media and comments sections after one of the participants in the incident, Shawn Simoe, was fired from his job at Hydro One, Ontario’s primary energy supplier. Significantly, Hydro One is currently a public enterprise, which probably has a lot to do with the specific clauses or codes of conduct in Simoe’s contract that made his dismissal both legal and justifiable (and is the same reason why his salary was a matter of public record).

BUT, as we all know, reason has very little place on the internet, and especially in the ongoing battle against persecution that straight white men face everyday from Feminists/Women/Mass Media/The World At Large. So they’ve taken to comments sections and social media to express their displeasure in this flagrant abuse of their right to free speech. No matter how trivial the…

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