We’ve look at Beethoven’s 6th before here on a Interlude Friday, but I wanted to highlight what I think is the section of the symphony that is most likely to get me killed while driving.  The last two parts in particular.

4. Thunderstorm, Storm: Allegro
5. Shepherds’ song; cheerful and thankful feelings after the storm: Allegretto

The storm in the 6th symphony builds from the violas outward, each new instrumental addition bringing more stress to the musical line ending in a shattering musical climax that simply begs to be air -conducted.  Try it, when you hear the timpani and brass swing the energy back and forth with the strings rising to meet them.  It’s awesome.  If you can make it to the Shepard’s song without incident you are golden.

All of this going on is not conducive to safe driving, so be warned. :)


Next week – Mozart’s Requiem and the parts that endanger my safe driving record.