fan  We’re having a nasty confluence of sorts here, a heatwave combined with the smoke from forest fires in three of the cardinal directions.  This is definitely a ‘first world’ complaint as the people with real problems like having your house consumed by wildfire are hundreds of kilometres away.

Professor google has come up with lists that cant be summarized like this:

1.  Close blinds

2. Use Fan

3. Don’t use heat generating stuff

4.  Keep your AC in the shade

5.  Plant Trees

6.  Turn on AC

Well, we don’t have AC and the tree solution is incoming next year, but it is kinda sucky right now.

Our current plan is to close the house during the day and then once the sun isn’t high anymore (around 9pm) we open all the things and let the cool air(?) in.  It works moderately well, but if anyone has some whiz-bang advice, now is the time to share. :)