pipelinerupture   The case for constructing more pipelines from the Alberta Tar Sands Kill Our Biosphere Extravaganza to the rest of the world weakened when a new pipeline, armed with state of the art accident notification system quietly ruptured and had the never not to notify anyone until a couple of football fields worth of sludge poured out.

“Nexen is apologizing for a pipeline break that leaked five million litres of bitumen, sand and water at its Long Lake oilsands facility in northern Alberta this week.

The spill was discovered Wednesday afternoon at Nexen Energy’s oilsands facility near Long Lake, south of Fort McMurray.

The material leaked through what Bailey says was a “visible burst” in the pipeline. a double-walled, high-pressure line installed in 2014. Bailey said the line was shut down immediately after the leak was discovered. 

The detection system did not work in this case, so it isn’t known how long the substance was leaking. A contractor walking along the pipeline discovered the spill.”

Well it’s only FIVE million litres of liquid petrochemical death being splashed around.  How bad could that be?

“A spokesman for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation said a spill this big will have an “extremely serious” impact on the muskeg, which is home to aboriginal medicines, berries and wild game.

“There is no way to clean or reclaim the muskeg,” said Eriel Deranger in a news release Friday. “Destruction and contamination like this that directly affects a key component of our ecosystems is affecting First Nations’ ability to access lands and territories for hunting, fishing, gathering and trapping rights, rights protected by both the Constitution and our treaties.”

Chief Allan Adam said the spill is “dangerously close” to the Clearwater River, which flows directly into the Athabasca River. 

“The repercussions from the incident could potentially be felt far and wide by those that rely on the Athabasca basin,” he said.”

Fascinating stuff.

I’m thinking that we need less pipelines and infrastructure that caters directly to the destruction of our biosphere.  This is another warning, in a long list of warnings, about how badly we need to divorce ourselves from fossil fuels and the fossil fuel industry.

The funny-sad notion is that with current technology in renewable energy production, we can lessen and then eventually eliminate our dependence on dirty energy.  The government, backed by the people, needs to stop all the subsidies to oil and gas industry and redirect investment into renewable energy solutions.  This is not a job for the free market because the free market gives exactly no fucks about the our future climate or well-being.  This is not the time for cap and trade or any other ‘market based solution’ – because profitability will always trump environmental stewardship.

It is time to make the stewardship of our ecology the number one priority, for the sake of the future and our continued existence on Earth because the Earth’s climate, like Free-Marketers, gives exactly no fucks about the future of humanity.

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