It’s quite rare for me to listen to death metal vocals and I listen to cutesy j-pop songs even less. I find it difficult to rock out to unintelligible growling and overly cute things just annoy me. But what magic could be uncovered if these two extremes were somehow combined? It could be a delicious juxtaposition, just the kind of oddity that could tantalize my delight in the irregular. But, really, who, if anyone, could pull off such an unlikely merger? Who could possibly tap into that seemingly unreachable potential, achieve balance to the force, and produce something truly amazing?

Ladybeard, that’s who.

Ladybeard is an Australian. An actor. A pro wrestler. A martial artist. A metal singer. A cosplayer extraordinaire. And now, an international pop sensation. I am most pleased to present to you Ladybaby, a group comprised of Ladybeard, Rei, and Rie, and their 2014 single, “Nippon Manju” – which translates loosely to Japanese Sweet Rice Bun – a song about all the fun and awesome things to be found in Japan.

The delight I feel watching this is difficult for me to express. There are just so many levels of expectations and norms being absolutely destroyed in the name of spreading joy, fun, and happiness. I can think of no nobler pursuit. The global celebration of Ladybaby can only make the world a better place.

If you’d like to see more fantastic images of Ladybeard, here’s a link. Here are my personal favourites: