My special magic is true and yours isn’t.”  This is shall be the running theme of our look at the recent hullabaloo at Bremerton High School, in Washington state.

prayercirlce    The story breaks down as this.  Football Coach guy leads a christian prayer on the 50 yard line after each football game.  He’s been doing it since 2008.

2008.  This is the real story.  Why did the local school board allow this dipshit to continue to practice his delusional-voodoo rituals for seven years before deciding that it is problematic at best?

“While the district appreciates Kennedy’s many positive contributions to the BHS football program … Kennedy’s conduct poses a genuine risk that the district will be liable for violating the federal and state constitutional rights of students or others,” the letter reads.”

Why act now?  Well because once the Satanists show up, as they say, all hell breaks loose.

satan“About a dozen members of the Satanic Temple of Seattle, most dressed in hooded black robes and some masked, left Bremerton High School shortly after their arrival at a varsity-football game Thursday night.  […]

Temple spokeswoman Lilith Starr said the group was invited to protest Kennedy’s ritual of kneeling on the 50-yard line after games and praying. “We want equality for everyone,” she said. “If one group is allowed to pray, everyone should be.”

Oh, well.   Now there is a problem.  Now the craven school board has to act, because a ‘bad’ religion wants the same access perform their magic at a football game.

Reasonably speaking, this should be case closed.   However, one must never forget how deep the religious delusion runs in the United States.

  “When contacted for comment, Kennedy referred questions to Berry, senior counsel at the Liberty Institute in Plano, Texas.

Berry said the institute, which says its mission is to defend and preserve religious liberty in America, is “prepared to take the necessary legal actions to defend coach Kennedy’s religious freedom.” Another Liberty lawyer said placing Kennedy on leave was a hostile-employment action and that the group would file a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.”

Did someone just cue the ‘Persecuted Majority Christian Complex’?  I would have thought that we were so over that bulwark of stupidity.  But nope, our heroic coach’s religious liberty is at stake and actions must be taken!!!!!!!!

This, of course, is hogwash (see thesis).  But let’s look at a particularly disdainful statement from the coach.

“He said that he has welcomed students to pray with him but never encouraged it.”

Nimrod, when you are in a position of authority as coaches and teachers are, “encouragement” is doublespeak for coercion.  Just put yourself in the shoes of the students on the team, and the stupid social dynamics that go on – do you really single yourself out and not participate in the christian magic that happens at midfield?

Religious liberty does not empower you to enforce your beliefs on others.  Full stop.  In a society that is not in desperate need of a secular intellectual revolution, this solution would be plain as day.

[Source: Seattle Times]