fellowship    Tackling organized religion and all the inanity that goes along with it is a full time job.  It is quite possible to sink days worth of thought and engagement into the struggle against religion and the toxicity it spreads through our societies.  As a writer, one needs to know when to disengage and take a break from the front lines because there is always a shiny new low to be discovered when deconstructing, criticizing, and generally putting the boots to all that is holy.

I find it to be particularly hard during the Christmas season to filter out all the amazing crap that people do in the name of their Oooga-booga of choice.  Looking at you purveyors of the mythic War On Christmas, O members of the Persecuted Majority, but I digress.

What I find heart warming and inspiring is that, almost everyday, I can check my wordpress feed and find a article or a story that is championing the side of reason and rationality.  The serious posts, the funny ones, the gut-wrenching/stomach turning articles – all written with the intent of hoping to nudge the ledger of history a bit further toward reason and away from the false hope that is religion.

I take solace in knowing that there are like minded individuals who share my struggle and wrestle with some of the same issues and problems that can seem so insurmountable at times.  The general high quality and thoughtfulness of argument and prose I see on a regular basis inspires me raise my own standards and continue onward with doing what I do here in blogland.  I’m honoured to be part of such a intellectually fruitful and challenging community; thus I feel obligated to extend my thanks to those who take the time to comment here and bring the noise when necessary to hammer out a better arguments and generally just raise the level of discourse past whatever I could do on my own.

You nice bloggy-people are a damn invaluable resource.  Thank you for spending the time and the effort in pursuing the over-arching goals we all work toward, in one way or another.

Keep up the good work everyone, solidarity and comradery yadda-yadda, and of course best wishes to you all in this fine holiday season.


Warmest regards,