When it comes to musical taste, I guess you could say Arb and I are a little… odd?  We’ve shared our love of classical and choral music quite a bit, but then we also like the hard stuff.  Here is a whole group of young people who seem to feel the same way:

Viva Vox Choir from Belgrade was formed almost ten years ago by a group of high school graduates who, together with their music teacher and conductor, Jasmina Lorin, wanted to continue the wonderful musical cooperation they had in their high school choir. The choir got its current name in 2005, and in 2009 they introduced beatboxing in their performance, which, along with song arrangements written by the members of the choir, formed the unique sound that made them known throughout the globe. The sound  of Viva Vox choir has undergone a number of transformations, and today it is characterised by authentic a cappella (voices only) interpretations of pop-rock and alternative music, accompanied by beatbox.

And for the goth in me:

And finally – this doesn’t work quite as well because they have cultured voices and sing very much in tune, but for sheer audacity it takes the cake: