I hear beautiful music on the CKUA morning show, and then I have to share it, and furtively download the sheet music so I can reconfirm that is way above my grade level. :)


     “It is common practice in the drafting of the oboe concerto by Alessandro Marcello, resorting in the second set on a decorated version of Johann Sebastian Bach. This comes from BWV 974 and provides an Italian of 16 edits concertos for harpsichord solo, which fall Bach anfertigte to 1713th
In studying the harpsichord version is noted that Bach not only the Oboe (and this not only in the slow movement) changed, but partially massively intervened in the accompaniment in the original work.

     Some detail changes are solely due to the instrumentation, for example, Trill on long notes, chords, and the omission of the most repeated phrases that are played by the violins in the original one by the oboe and again.

     Of course, the retransmission of the harpsichord version in the original cast, the risk of generating instrument specifically atypical phrases harbors. The insight into Bach’s employment with Italian music, its exact notation of ornaments otherwise usually free running and the mastery with which he has enriched with small interventions the composition, that risk is worth it.”