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Seventy two years (+) of struggle just to get right to vote, and an uphill battle *all* of the way.  Now who exactly was creating such resistance to positive social change?  Hmm… now that is quite the puzzle now isn’t it.

Those in power will never willingly concede their power.  Not ever.  What it takes – organizing, resistance, community are the factors that  feminism built up until roughly the end of the Second wave.  With the influx of po-mo theory and men – the feminist root manifesto i.e. the liberation of women from the oppressive structures of society – has been all but lost.

So much time has been lost to endless debates over empowerment and identity politics, the entire project steadfastly nonthreatening to the status quo.  The radical feminist message is starting to get out again, despite the best efforts of the establishment to silence women who look to the root causes of the oppression of women.  The task ahead is, as always, daunting but community is being formed, women are organizing and of course the status quo – is to be questioned, analyzed and ultimately rejected.