ban-porn-splash-600x467   How profitable an industry is seems to be related to how regulated said industry is.  Consider the length of time necessary to regulate tobacco and disseminate the information that, yes indeed, smoking is bad for your health.

Pornography, also bad for your health and your relationships, is in the same category and for the most part is left to its own devices.  The damage caused to society by pornography is enormous and will only get worse if nothing is done.

“Those who claim that pornography is simply “fantasy” with no bearing on reality will have a hard time explaining the prevalence of pubic hair removal among young women in Western cultures; the dramatic increase in the demand for labiaplasty; or the fact that anal sex has increasingly become part of the heterosexual repertoire, despite both young men and women expecting it to be painful and unpleasant for the woman. It is singularly unconvincing to argue that pornography is not influencing current sexual norms, and that those sexual norms do not primarily involve the objectification and violation of women’s bodies.”  – Julia Long

The pornification of our culture is happening right now, and as Ms.Long says, it happens to be revolving around the objectification and violation of women’s bodies which bodes ill for all of society.

[Source: Washington Post]