I seem to be under the false perception that when attending a meeting with friends that the focus of the occasion should be the people attending and not the digital world available through one’s smartphone.

I write this piece because I have a couple of friends who periodically bring their phones out during dinner, or while having a conversation with them.  I’ve talked to one of them about this behaviour and asked them to not to do the texting at the table thing because of how rude it is and sent the other subtle hints to the other via Facebook like this:

cellphone    The idea of focusing on the people that you are with and not your phone does not seem to be rocket science to me.  The digital world is forever and not accessing it for the 120 minutes that we are together won’t destroy you.  I guarantee it.

But, as always, I am here to help and to educate thus using the power of Duck Duck Go I found this helpful chart.  Voila!  Problems solved all is well in the world.  You’re welcome. :)