malebondingAn organization for men to deal with men’s problems?   How bad could it be?  Let’s take a look at their manifesto:

“Wolf Pack aims to tackle the challenges of social isolation amongst adult men by helping foster social connection and new friendships through vulnerable and supportive conversations around topics of depth.

Our Wolf Pack groups will be meeting on a monthly basis, and similar to our youth programs, we’ll be diving deep into topics around our pillars of self (acceptance, esteem, love, and awareness), health (mental, emotional, and physical), and others (inclusiveness, diversity, empathy, and relationships). Don’t worry if this sounds a bit different then your usual after-work gathering – Wolf Pack is going to be a fun, engaging, and unique event every time.”

   Well, doesn’t seem like a bad start.  Choosing ‘wolf pack’ though, given the sheer volume of specious MRA arguments based on a the contrived notion of ‘wolf-society’ should make one pause.  Is our hesitation justified?  Let’s view the next line from the w-pack manifesto:

“The goals of Wolf Pack are to:

Create brave spaces for conversations about masculinity and positive, healthy ways to ‘be a man’

Break down social isolation and foster lasting connections and meaningful support with our peers”

    What precisely is a ‘brave space’?  Perhaps it involves blue war-paint and shouting in bad Scottish accent, “Freedom!”?   Who knows, but it seems like a ham-handed way to avoid saying ‘safe space’ because as we all know feminists and women use that term, and certainly one should not be associated with unmanly people like that.

    Hope for the W-pak took a bit of dip when reading the first line.  Masculinity is fucking toxic.   It is based on creating worth for one set of human beings by degrading, debasing, and savaging another subset of species.  Trying to tease out positive healthy ways out of the vile shit-soup that is masculinity would be quite the feat.  Furthermore, how about healthy ways to be a ‘person’ rather than one side of the oppressive gender hierarchy.

    I realize that casting a radical feminist analysis at the wolf-pack might not be entirely fair, but these folks are getting media attention for essentially stating that they are not overtly hostile to females and feminism in general.  A very large cookie for each of these embiggended and bold men daring to not threaten the status-quo in society…

Who can participate in Wolf Pack?

Wolf Pack is open to men and anyone who identifies with maleness/masculinity looking to meet like-minded men who are interested in redefining what it is to “be a man” and make friends along the way! […]”

Way to portray masculinity in a positive light! – Because we all know how awesome the masculine set of gender stereotypes happen to be.

The Wolfpack seems to be getting some media attention for the noble attribute of not being particularly horrible.  Of course, in our patriarchal society, that is all it takes.   It would be more interesting to see some media coverage of women’s organizations and the women that run them, but then again males being ‘not horrible’ is judged to be the newsworthy piece.




[Source: The Wolf Pack/ NextGen Men]