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Spotted this conversation illustrating the oft heard charge (and wonderful riposte) that radical feminists are all about the biological essentialism.  As demonstrated below, being aware of scientific fact and material reality is quite reasonable.  The nerve of these radical feminists not bowing and scraping to gender ideology that fundamentally ignores reality.  :) 


Radical Feminst:  Why are women “people” and “vagina owners” and men are just “men”?

Genderist:  “Bc there aren’t a bunch of cis men constantly trying to invalidate trans men and push them out of spaces, fam,,, anyways not all women have vaginas so?

  Terfs just love to cry that they are reduced to their genitals and are more than just baby carriers but they then go around and say that trans women aren’t “real women” because of their genitals. 

  Way to be hypocrites, you dirty fucks”

Radical Feminist:  Having a vagina is what makes me a woman. I am not /only/ a vagina. Does that make sense? I have female genitals and a female body, that’s why I am female. I am a female because of those things. I am not only a “vagina owner” or a “uterus bearer”, I am a woman.

   Women have vaginas, we also have uteruses, a clitorus, XX chromosomes, we produce large gamates, we store fat a different way, our centre of balance is higher than males (due to the fact that if pregnant it prevents us from falling the fuck over) our skeletons are different to males, our breast tissue is different.
We don’t “reduce ourselves to our genitals” (we already have plenty of assholes doing that) but nor do we IGNORE that female genitals are different to males. They are PART of who we are, not ALL that we are.

   I think you might be wasting your time talking to people, prolly men, who see no difference between having a vagina and being a vagina.

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