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Featured Image -- 14235This whole trans induced irruption away from the world of fact always leaves shaking my head (alternative facts anyone?). This isn’t about hating a particular subset of people because they are a certain way, this is about disagreeing with the bullshit they spew and the demands they make. Case in point, the idea that somehow biological sex is merely a social construct (it isn’t, it is an observable fact), or that by the power of deep gender-feels, one can change an immutable features of ones physical body.

Is this hatred of trans-people? Absolutely not, but rather disagreement with statements about reality that simply don’t jive with what we know about the world.

1. Fact – Biological sex is immutable.
2. Fact – Biological sex is the basis for the oppression of women, by men.
3. Fact – Strong feelings about either 1 or 2 do not change the empirical truth value of either statement.

But yet, when discussing trans ideology and inclusion with liberal feminists (handmaidens) it comes down to feelings and how unkind it is not to cater to men and their gender fantasies. Most of what I’ve seen of trans-ideology is conservative, misogynistic, patriarchal status-quo conforming doublespeak and twaddle. Backed up by emotional appeals meant to obscure the real meanings of many of their statements – I am a male and I get to define not only my own reality, but yours as well – which of course the same ole’ Male Supremacist bullshit we all know and love.

Should we censure the UN for acknowledging that the categories of female and male exist? Let’s take a peek at what that might look like…

“U.S. live-birthers (“”“females”“”) are more likely to die during childbirth than live-birthers in any other developed country. This is oppressive, seeing as trans women are not dying from child birth, and that’s just not inclusive enough. This is also false, because there would need to be a biological difference between bleeders and non-bleeders, and we all know that’s not true.

United Nations official website claims there are ~biological~ differences between what main diseases “males” and “females” suffer from in developing countries, and that “females” major burden of diseases are related to our “reproductive function and reproductive system” and the way society treats or mistreats them due to our “sex.” United Nations: @confirmed-terfs ???
I think so!
Heres the transphobic info below:
“Females”: 1) maternal, 2) STDs, 3) tuberculosis, 4) HIV infection, 5) depressive disorders.
“Males”: 1) HIV infection, 2) tuberculosis, 3) vehicle injuries, 4) homicide and violence, 5) war.
Like how did they even get that info considering there is no ‘male’ and ‘female?’

Another TERFy thing United Nations reported is that in 1990, the majority of birth control was estimated that: at 17% was ‘female’ sterilization, 12% “intrauterine” device, 8% pill, 5% ‘male’ sterilization, 5% condom, 2% other supply methods, 8% non supply methods. Like where does the UN get off, differentiating ‘female’ and ‘male’ sterilization, or even stating they exist???? How did they get that info? Again, all TERF propaganda.

The World Health Organization claims that some factors that prevent “females” to benefit from quality health services were from the following:
-unequal power relationships between bleeders and penis-havers
-social norms that decrease education and employment opportunities
-an exclusive focus on bleeder’s reproductive roles and
– potential or actual experience of physical, sexual and emotional violence.
They also report that poverty yields a higher burden on bleeder’s health???!! Excuse me, cant these bleeders just grow up and identify as men already??? That’s clearly the solution to this problem?

Abortion currently being fought against only makes me angry because I’m sure there are some trans women that would love to have an abortion. Abortion effects everyone equally, and if there was really something called “biology,” then this wouldn’t be an issue… I think?

“Female” genital mutilation? I don’t think so! Clitorises are chopped and burned off of both boys and girls, and it’s severely unfair cause I’m sure some trans women would kill to have a vagina to sew up. Can bleeders like shut up about this now? Discussing “female” genital mutilation like being sewn up and burned and cut at an impressionable age might trigger trans women to think of their female genital mutilation: being circumcised in a clean hospital as a baby.

Period stigma and menstrual cycles harm trans women because they don’t get to feel the pain, too. They aren’t shamed and called dirty, or put in a hut to bleed while losing education. Like bleeders are actively oppressing trans women by even talking about our disgusting periods. In Nepal, a uterus-haver died from smoke inhalation in her sleep because she was forced to sleep outside in a hut, and lit a fire to keep herself warm. Makes you wonder why she just didn’t identify as something else so they would let her sleep inside??? Is Nepal so backwards where they think biology is real??

The World Health Organization reported that 1,000 women die every day of the consequences of pregnancy and child birth. I think The WHO is also a TERF, seeing as they are excluding trans women from these numbers. Like, hello, do a report to see how many trans women die a day from reproductive health issues regarding children and birth, and then come back to me to compare numbers. This is a subject that effects ALL women, trans and cis!!!

The WHO also states that breast cancer is the top cancer in women. Which is ridiculously offensive because we should focus on prostate cancer when it comes to women, and we should also probably sexualize prostate cancer as much as breast cancer is sexualized?

Anyways for my conclusion, “sex” based oppression does not exist and neither does biology. No. All these things happen to women because we identify as women, and if people everywhere just simply identified as men, there would be none of the previous issues stated!!! Biology isn’t real, reproduction is a sham, “mother” nature is a liar, and if you still believe in biology (like Nepal, the United Nations or the World Health Organization)… chances are you probably need to die along with all the other terfs :/”


   If simply identifying as a man is the solution, then why aren’t adult human females flocking over the divide and leaving their life of oppression behind?  It’s almost as if one’s personal identity isn’t inherently regarded as factual data when it comes to how society works…

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