The lowdown on female struggle for reproductive freedom.


Donald Trump has just given states the power to completely defund Planned Parenthood. Not just related to abortion services (which weren’t federally funded in the first place), but also family planning, STI, pre-natal, and gynecological services.

Planned Parenthood has been under attack since the moment of inception, decades before it offered abortion services. The current administration’s actions are simply a result of a decades-long siege against ALL female reproductive rights – not just abortion. That’s why all the cries of “only 3% of services are abortion related” miss the point entirely. As revealed by the campaigns of Hobby Lobby and Christian nonprofits to refuse to provide birth control through employer-funded health insurance, the religious right views birth control on par with abortion, as it gives women control of their own bodies and reproduction. Even with abortion services cut from Planned Parenthood, the Christian right would still rally to to destroy…

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