“I understand the desire to be inclusive. The feminist movement has historically not been super inclusive or intersectional, particularly for women of color and lesbian and bisexual women. I think the third wave has been doing a much better, albeit not perfect, job of being more intersectional. 

However, radical feminism is about females. We acknowledge the power structure as being male people oppressing female people. A trans woman can change her name, get surgery, do everything to try to become like females, but she will always be male, which comes with implications in three major areas: sex-based oppression, privilege, and socialization.

There are specific issues which only affect female people like menstruation, pregnancy, reproductive rights, and female genital mutilation. While not every female person is affected by these things, ONLY female people are affected by them. A trans woman never has to worry about pregnancy. A trans woman doesn’t have to spend money on a box of tampons every month. (Which are taxed as a luxury item in some states, by the way.) A trans woman from a culture where female genital mutilation is practiced will never be a victim of that practice. I recognize and understand that trans people are an oppressed based on being transgender and these things are complicated, but there are such things as sex specific issues and there is nothing wrong with having a movement to address those issues. 

TL;DR radical feminism is about the liberation of the female sex and transwomen are biologically male. It doesn’t apply to “gender identity”.

May I just mention how effing pissed off I am that the effing backlash was so effing successful that people in the year 2017 don’t even know that Feminism is a political movement for the liberation of women.”