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Almost like there is something else going on.  Like a societal system that is completely indifferent to how one self-identifies and still codes people into dominant and oppressed roles.

This is such a good question.  Why gender friends, are trans identified females not leading the vanguard they are after-all, (according to the trans-narrative) men and thus should be accepted as leaders and decision makers – chock a bloc full – of all the bountiful rewards of male privilege.

It’s not happening.  Outside of the bubble of trans-ideology the world continues with same patriarchal paradigm.  Despite this, a good chunk of the feminist movement seems to want to continue to faff about with genders and identities while ignoring the structural issues that reinforce and maintain patriarchal oppression.

If gender identity (et cetera) was *any* sort of threat to patriarchal norm, do you really think there would be anything like the ‘gains’ the trans movement likes to celebrate.

The actual problem – *gender* – is a facet of patriarchal oppression – that the trans/queer movement has been diligently polishing to the detriment of feminism, and in particular radical feminists who can see and correctly identify the trans platform as just another vector for misogyny and homophobia.

As always, the feminist struggle continues.  Please see the Feminist Current for what actual feminist theory and praxis looks like. :)

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