Did you want to see the effects of toxic masculinity?  Most women do, but men don’t.  The reason for this glaring difference cuts to the quick of issue.  Most men would want to see the evidence behind the claim – the statistics, the causal connections, et cetera.  Seems reasonable right?  So why wouldn’t (generally) a female also want to see the ‘proof in the pudding’ so to speak or have the evidence ready to when making a claim?  What’s going here?  Is the female lady-brain just not made for making arguments and defending their claims?

No.  It isn’t a female problem at all.

The root of the problem  is this…

Men <em>assume</em> that how they experience society is how women experience society.  And when men vocalize that assumption they end up sounding like mansplaining asshats; just like Alex from this thread on facebook.

We shan’t plumb the depths of Alex’s heavy mantle of skull deadening ignorance (at least not today) .  The take-away here is don’t be like Alex, because full frontal ignorance isn’t a look good on anyone.  As illustrated countless times here on DWR, the female experience in society is radically different than the male experience, so any notions of “equality” espoused by men need to be quietly tucked away, and saved for the day when they actually concur with reality.

So now we know how not to think (my dudes), let’s look at example n-millionth+1 of how the class of men is absolute shite.  This is what happened in Toronto.

  “The man accused of plowing into pedestrians along a strip of one of Toronto’s busiest streets on Monday is expected to be charged with a 14th count of attempted murder in addition to the 10 counts of first-degree murder he already faces.

Alek Minassian, 25, of Richmond Hill, Ont., was arrested after a white van left a trail of death and injury down a busy stretch of Yonge Street in north Toronto.
At a news conference Tuesday, police said little about any possible motive the suspect may have had, but did refer to a “cryptic” message posted on Minassian’s Facebook account moments before he allegedly drove south down a nearly kilometre-long stretch causing what paramedics described as “pure carnage.”

Make no mistake, we are dealing with a rage filled male individual who is quite willing to place his fucked up narrative ahead of innocent lives and the suffering of others.  Here is what he said on facebook:

“Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt 4chan please. C23249161. The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys. All hail the Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!” reads the post.

Facebook confirmed the authenticity of the public post, created under a profile on the social networking site belonging to an Alek Minassian that has since been deleted by the company.

“It’s something that we’ll take into account in this investigation,” Toronto Police Det.-Sgt. Graham Gibson said of the post, before declining to speculate on a motive. Police said the victims in Monday’s attack were “predominantly women.”

Yeah.  Look what happens when men can’t impose their delusions on reality – they resort to violence to ‘fix’ the problem (see parallels in the ripe misogyny known as transactivism).

Yes, well lets look at what being an incel is what its about (transcript from CBC Radio 1 – The Current).

“AMT: Rebecca Solnit what did you think then when you first heard there could be a link between the Toronto attack and Incels?

REBECCA SOLNIT: I wish I could say I was surprised. And I wish we talked about misogyny as a kind of terrorism or hate group or something like that, but it wasn’t surprising at all because misogynist violence is so pervasive now. You know as Kim Walls killers just sentenced, as we wait to hear the jury verdict on Bill Cosby, as we deal with so many other stories like this one you know in one or another stories of hatred and violence against women.

AMT: So what do you think is behind the attitudes of these young men?

REBECCA SOLNIT: You know I think that there are some very peculiar Internet culture specific things about it, but I think the general hatred of women and the idea that sex is a commodity that men are out there to get, and more is better and this sense of entitlement of having a right to women’s bodies which the Incel murderer in Isla Vista four years ago strongly believed in is really pervasive. And you know this is kind of an intensification of misogynist culture, patriarchal culture with its entitlement and its rage.”


So there we have it folks the problem – a sexist, misogynistic cultural soup that feeds feelings of male delusion, entitlement, and rage.  Feminists, particularly those of the radical stripe, have seen these currents in society (patriarchy) and have been naming the problem, writing about it, and constructing theories for decades.  Systemic problems of society require systemic solutions – the emancipation from patriarchal norms (the goal of effective feminism) falls squarely into this category.

We cannot let ‘mental illness’ or ‘lone wolves’ become the narrative for this tragedy.  It is the fucking system we live in that creates these horror shows and they will not stop till we deal with the root of the problem – the patriarchal ‘norms’ that hurt both women and men.

So what can you do as dudes to stop another Toronto Toxic Masculinity Massacre?  Stop feeding the beast.  Do not normalize rape jokes and rape culture, view women as fully human and not just objects to stick your dick into, and for goodness sake try to have a couple scraps of empathy and try to understand that your experience in society is not the same as everyone else.