Jade ‘egg’ in the Vagina and other woo-based remedies, one step back.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Dear Gwyneth Paltrow,

Once upon a time (okay, last year) you said that anyone who was going to fuck with you had better bring their A game. This, I was led to believe, was a response to concerns that I and others had raised about the quality of the advice and value of the products that you sell on GOOP.

However, hearing about the $145,000 settlement that GOOP was required to pay because you lied about the benefits of jade eggs, quartz eggs and an essential oil spray brought those words rushing back.

Did the government bring its A game and did you reply with yours?

I know the money is likely less than your annual budget for vagina steaming and pocket change for a company that claims to be worth $250 million, then again you and your company claimed jade eggs are recharged with energy from the…

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