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Memo. Radical feminist women never “deny the existence” of blokes who say they are women. It’s impossible. You’re right there. In a wig and a frock performing woman for us. We don’t just think “JFC I’m drunk and seeing things!” You’re clearly there. You’re just not female.

And your dress and wig and lippy and heels are perfectly fine. Crack on. You can sit at my table. Chat with me. Ride a bike with me. You just can’t cross my boundaries and call yourself me. We are different. Woman is different to man. You cannot be in women’s space.

And there’s no “But I can use your loo … I’ll do it quietly … no one will notice … that will be ok..?” No that is not ok. The line is clear. Women need concede no ground on this. We aren’t unkind. We don’t hate or fear you. We have boundaries. For our safety and dignity.

You cannot demonise us or bully us or threaten or coerce us to make us say you are women. We cannot say untruths. We will not lie or pretend. That isn’t hatred. It is respect for ourselves and acknowledgment of our own intellectual capacity to determine the meaning of woman.

So … be yourself. Enjoy your life. Continue to exist. Enjoy all the “womanny” clothes and shoes. I’ll happily smile in my boots and jeans as you totter by in your heels and lace. And we can all get along. Fight for space away from other men if you need it.

But do not expect us to harbour you in our limited and hard-won safe spaces. Women shed blood to get them. You are male. They are your people. Their violence is yours. Women are fighting to stay alive. We do not have resources to help you with that as we are the sex most at risk.

The dead bodies are ours. The raped bodies are ours. The abused bodies are ours. Overwhelmingly. The violence is male on female. So …. we don’t deny your existence. We are simply clinging to our own. We are keeping women alive when we define “woman” and our needs.

And we are not ashamed.

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