Here is hoping that Albertans are not as far right and baffled by bullshit as they seem to be.

I’m not a regular listener to conservative talk radio show host Charles Adler. But earlier this week, tens of thousands of Albertans gathered around their radios like it was the 1930s, to listen to what was some of the most compelling talk radio you’ll ever hear.

It was a remarkable extended interview between Adler and his friend Jason Kenney. Adler played back the now-famous clip of UCP MLA Mark Smith comparing women who choose to have abortions to murderers and saying that homosexual love isn’t real love.

Kenney was offered chance after chance by Adler, who clearly wanted Kenney to show some empathy, some contrition, and for Smith to face any kind of consequences. But no, in a moment that will define his political ambitions and potentially the outcome of this election Kenney chose to stand by Smith.

He chose to dissemble, to obfuscate, to spin.

Given the 2012 “lake of fire” election and the backlash around GSAs in 2014/2015, that helped sink the Prentice PCs it’s a remarkable misreading of the desires of Alberta’s voters – voters who spoke very clearly in 2012 and 2015 that the rights of their fellow Albertans are very dear to their hearts when they head to the voting booth.

But this is part of a wider trend, where Kenney just doesn’t seem to understand Alberta voters in 2019.

Yeah, we need to vote in the abortion is murder, tax breaks for the rich, party. Can we not, Alberta?