Our second installment here at DWR of what those wacky transactivists have to argue with when confronted with people who will not take the knee and accept the tenets of their misogynistic gender religion.

I have yet to see any feminist (gender critical or not) state that trans people do not deserve human rights.  It would be very nice to see a list of rights that trans individuals do not already possess under the law.  One must keep in mind though, that forcing others to accept and play along with your personal identity (gender or otherwise) is *NOT* a right.

You may indeed feel like you are 100% the opposite sex, but no provision in a free society, forces people to share that view with you.

So, like many of the TRA statements, they are arguing against ideas and statements that have not been made by their opponents.  The straw is heavy in most cases, as here is what Rowling actually has said –


So. remember folks to argue cogently, please try and address what the other side is saying, not your (often emotive) ‘hot take’ on what you think they are saying.