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The massive disparity between the social classes in the US make it difficult to find the equality as set down by their law, in their society.

“1. The United States, by the way, is fundamentally unjust. Even before the Trump Virus sparked a depression and corporate bailout that deepened inequality in the U.S., the three wealthiest Americans’ combined wealth already exceeded that of the nation’s bottom 50 percent. The top tenth of the upper U.S. One Percent already had a shared net worth greater than that of the nation’s bottom 90 percent and median Black household wealth amounted to 6 cents on the white median household dollar. The nation has long been riddled by massive, interrelated disparities of class, race, ethnicity, gender, and power that make an abject mockery of its claim to represent democracy and equality before the law. Exhaustive empirical research shows that progressive majority public opinion is close to irrelevant in the making of “public” policy, which consistently reflects the preferences of the wealthy Few and their giant corporations and financial institutions. You can learn all about this from mainstream researchers and journalists who never identify with “ideologies such as Marxism” or acknowledge that significant socioeconomic disparity and top-down class rule are inherent to the profits system.”


The US would do well to start to manage the current distribution of wealth.  A country that is run for the benefit of a small elite is a society that is doomed to fail.



We won’t back down in defending Women’s rights here at DWR.  If commenting on Sasha White’s thread is enough to get one in hotwater, so be it.  There is too much at stake to sit down and shut up over this issue.  Women (adult human females) are currently being unfairly ostracized, doxxed, and harassed for defending their rights, boundaries, and safety in society.  We will not bend the knee to TRA demands here.  Not ever.


This from describing the situation.


“An assistant literary agent made international headlines this week when she was fired from her job at Tobias Literary Agency in New York. Sasha White, a feminist who had started her career at Tobias as an intern, announced that she had been fired from the agency on Monday for expressing her “feminist stance” on Twitter.

White maintained two Twitter accounts—one professional, and one personal. Her professional account, @SashaSemyonovna, stated her role at Tobias while her personal account, @iamGrushenka, was largely anonymous until recently and states no connection to her former employer. In a statement to reporter Jesse Singal, President of Tobias Literary Agency, Lane Heymont, claimed that White was fired because she “did not specify her views were her own in her Twitter bio, thus suggesting and it was perceived she was speaking on behalf of the agency and those views are not in line with our beliefs. Therefore we had to part ways.”

When asked by Singal specifically what tweet violated their policies, Heymont pointed to a retweet White had made on her personal account of a post explaining the difference between how women and trans-women experience male violence.

Tweet that Heymont claims violated Tobias policies (source)

In an official statement, Tobias Literacy Agency claimed, “We do not have any room for anti-trans sentiments at TLA. Period. Thus, we have parted ways with Sasha.” TLA did not clarify what part of Sasha’s violating tweets, specifically, included anti-trans sentiment.

In response, feminists began tweeting in support of White, trending #IStandWithSashaWhite, a riff on a previous hashtag in support of another fired feminist, Maya Forstater. Forstater was fired in 2019 from her job at a UK think tank, The Center for Global Development, for similar tweets in support of a feminist analysis of gender. Forstater’s case gained global attention in December of 2019 when Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling tweeted in her defense.”



Hey folks. Just got a threat from a transactivist on twitter about DWR.

Let’s hope they are full of bullshite and that wordpress isn’t craven.

I’ll keep you updated.


Clear principled resistance. Unapologetic radical feminism at its finest. Thank you Ms.Slatz for showing how it is done.

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