It is amazing how unmoored the gender religious are.  If you ‘identify’ as a man, then *poof* everything will be awesome.

Imagine using James Barry as an good example of how gender-magic works.  Where as the actual lesson lies in describing the unequal and deplorable conditions women were expected to tolerate while living in society.  Being subjugated because of one’s sex is the defining feature how patriarchy works in our society and some superficial declaration of ‘identity’ won’t change the oppressive climate one iota.

No, no gender friend.  The lesson of James Barry is that society was that shitty for females at the time.  The extraordinary means Barry took illustrates the banality of sex discrimination in society and how it must be deconstructed and changed for society to improve.

But that is the sweet sounding lie that, in part, makes all this gender tomfoolery so palatable – your individual actions are important and satisfying your needs is stunning and brave (not to mention throwing a hissy-fit when others call BS).

You can hear the patriarchy laughing its ass off from here.

Solitary individual actions do not a social movement make.  It is when people gather together around a shared common cause and decide it is better to face the consequences than capitulate to the status-quo does society change; in other-words authentic feminism.