Oh, those were the days!  When one could just tackle patriarchal features of society without worrying about wholesale female erasure at the societal level.  For giggles (:/) lets just take a quick foray into the ‘approved’ uniforms for the Finnish Female Sand Handball team.  This is what they want to wear and have been censured and threatened with fines if they do not comply with what is the ‘official’ standard, see the next photo.

This what is officially sanctioned, and they will be fined if the deviate from the ‘norm.


And of course, what men get to wear.

Why? Because the male gaze is more important that female comfort, obviously.  It is the bullshit double standards and sexist rules like this that occurs a million times a day for females in our society.  We have been groomed to think that this is ‘normal’, but it is not.

Men are subjects, they have full control of themselves and their bodies.  Females, on the other-hand, are objects designed for the viewing and consumption of others.  It isn’t particularly fair, and it sucks.