What a delightful backfire this is.  The entire kerfuffle was, most likely, staged by trans activists to be a propaganda piece (a confederate had the camera rolling throughout the confrontation) against a shop owner with this sign.   Here is the sign in question.

“Just out Dr.Seuss’s New Book – If you are born with a Dick you are not a Chick.” Period.

Then this happened, ostensibly filmed to ‘go viral’ in support of the trans community and their gender-woo-woo ideas like men that say they are women are somehow actually women.  Fortunately, attempting to bully a elderly Vietnam war vet in his own store, went terribly wrong for the gender-woo crowd as Don Sucher was having none of the gender-woo bullshit the local *city Councillor* (Tiesa Meskis) was spewing.

“You know what, nobody confronts your ass, that’s the problem“.

“Just, don’t live it around me!”

Notice the titles of the videos – Transphobic Star Wars Store Aberdeen Business Owner.  They reeeeeeaaaaly wanted this to go their way, let’s take a look a the comments, archived of course because they are almost all in support of Don and his absolute refusal to dismiss the physical reality we all share.

It’s not going the gender-woo way.  Not even close, and thank the goddess for that.  Gender ideology is an anti-female, anti-reality vehicle that is erasing actual women and their rights in society.  It must be stopped.  Here is a link to the news article that has edited snippets of the videos posted above as I suspect their public life on youtube may be short.


Stay tuned folks, the gender-woo crowd has a demonstration scheduled for Saturday.  Protesters and counter-protesters have both vowed to attend.  Given the male propensity for violence, I hope local law enforcement is on notice and will keep the peace and protect the rights and safety of Mr.Sucher.