Hey progressives, these are the sorts of actions that trans rights activists do the name of inclusivity and their ‘rights’. Still feel like you’re on the ‘right side of history’?  This is male anger and violence directed toward women for daring to hold a conference about women (FiLia2021).

How novel.

Women hold a meeting and talk about, amongst other things, male violence against women…and two “Men’s Rights Activists” sit outside with aggressive slogans about genitals.

Sums up exactly what’s been going on.    So marginalized and so oppressed…

Protesting at a women’s rights conference today. And you can see their point. Women who won’t have sex with them, be naked in front of them, be intimately examined by them or touch their genitals are, as these protesters say, unconscionable bigots who deserve corrective rape.



So to summarize the nature of transactivism and their inhabiting of the ‘right side’ of history –