Is it the plan?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that there seems to be a very real divide in the justice system.  Women are regularly attacked for exercising their right to speak in society.

Could you imagine if a trans rally was crashed by women dressed all in black trying to silence them?  It would be a media field day.  Yet, when the leftist activists disrupt female led events, it is mostly radio silence.

>The leftist plan for transgenderist violence is simple: Kick the dog until it bites.

Progressives have used the media, educational institutions, and even the medical community to prime as many people as possible who are already mentally fragile with an ideology that tells them their very identity is under attack from every direction.

When your artificially constructed identity is at odds with every social norm and biology itself that’s pretty easy to do Take that already unstable construction and ramp it up with the lie that there’s an active genocide against transgenderist and the results are predictable.

The left is encouraging these people to arm themselves while labeling anyone who disagrees with the a fascist, this is why the “it’s okay to punch a Nazi” discourse was so important to progressives They’ve been looking to justify this escalation for awhile.

The left praises trans ideology after Nashville and talks about being fierce and fighting back because they want to encourage more violence, they praise the assaults on state capitals and the assault on a female athlete because they want a state of fear.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, the left wants someone, anyone, to feel hopeless and lash out in retaliation They kick the dog with reckless abandon so the minute it tries to defend itself they can justify shooting it.

They want their George Floyd this summer, their casus belli, their justification to once again unleash a wave of state sanctioned rioting, security state crackdowns on their political opponents, or both…

The reason progressives are encouraging more violence is that they are hoping to trigger violence in return They own the media and the justice system, they know their side will pay little to no price and the slightest bit of retaliation will become the new January 6th.

The point being, stay safe and stay frosty out there You have a two-tier justice system whether you like it or not, don’t put yourself in bad situations, and don’t give these people what they want.