After thirty one years I’m pretty much done with the Canadian political left.  The NDP is faux-activist driven and impotent while the Liberals are roughly the same as the Conservatives but delight in erasing females from Canadian society under the guise of ‘gender inclusiveness’ (gross!).

Let’s be honest the PPC are just a little too crazy around the edges to be a viable political force in Canada.  However the Canadian Centrist party seems like a fairly sane and rational choice.  This snippet from their website


“There is no political party in Canada that has a balanced approach to critical issues faced by all Canadians today, and hence there is dire need of a political platform which provides Centrist, the most practical and pragmatic approach to problems faced by Canadians. Centrist Party’s vision is to provide transparent government leading to economic prosperity and strong united Canada.

All political parties in Canada either follow a right or left political ideology and they are quite divided in their approach toward economical and social issues. Liberal Party, NDP and Green Party are considered left wing parties. Conservative Party, and other Right wing parties use fear mongering, anti-minority and anti-indigenous rhetoric, whereas left- wing parties are against developing our natural resources and have become too much extremist in their approach to social issues”

So yeah, not bad.  However there is another, still nascent party, waiting in the wings.  The Centre Ice Conservatives this is part of their bit.


We are a platform that intends to be a strong, bold and proud voice for the centre-right of Canada’s political spectrum.

Why are we doing this? Because we don’t want the centre to be marginalized and ignored any longer. And because our voice – your voice – firmly focused on the priorities of mainstream Canadians, is badly needed today. More than ever.

Why is that?

Because “woke” voices on the edges of the left and “populist” voices on the fringes of the right are sucking up all the oxygen in what passes for political debate in Canada. And Canada is worse off for it. These loud and fringe voices dominate Party politics, creating tribal divisions and fierce debates over issues mainly long-settled in the minds of most Canadians.

That leaves most of us in the middle scratching our heads, wondering “Who speaks for us?”.

It seems like the Canadian Centrist Party and the Centre Ice Party should get together and have a chat.