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When school boards and school officials refuse to listen, concerned parents take action.  Canada is a pluralistic multi-cultural society.  It is the duty of our institutions to reflect the diversity that exists in our country.  It is not our institutions responsibility to decide which types of ‘diversity’ is acceptable and which are not.

“Last June in a shocking but unreported event at Vimy Ridge, an Ottawa Public School under the OCDSB, more than 70% of K-8 children were mysteriously absent on Pride Celebration Day. There was no media coverage of the event but I’ve since spoken with parents and teachers from the school who shared details. Parents of Muslim children are over the Rainbow.

The School announced that it was holding a Pride celebration day though an e-mail to parents. When Muslim parents pushed back, saying that this was contrary to their religious beliefs they were met with lectures about their own doctrines of tolerance and acceptance from school administrators. Needless to say, this didn’t go well.

One parent I spoke with, who gathered more than 7,500 signatures in just a few days before throttled petition, said that school officials were informed that tolerance and acceptance did not mean celebrating and affirming and the parents of kids at the school showed their disagreement by sending a message – we will keep our kids home.

An event like this was reported earlier this year in a southern Ontario school where 30% of kids were absent on a rainbow day. This week, the same London, Ontario school, staged a repeat performance. According to my source, this is an issue of concern at the national level for Muslim organizations.

In another case of religious tradition under attack, Josh Alexander of “Save Canada” stood outside a Calgary High-school this week handing out Bibles and was physically accosted by rainbow protestors. Alexander had called for an international student walkout day on the 17th of May, #IDAHOBIT day, through his growing social media network and counter protestors turned up, assaulted him and attempted to burn bibles. Click the image to go to the bird platform to see the unsettling repeated assaults against Josh in the Rebel News Video.

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