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Get out the duct tape!  You’ll need it to keep your jaw from hitting the floor over how amazingly absurd this fine christian preacher is.  Because people are protesting outside of his church they must be Sodomites and by extension the coffee that they are serving must be infused with semen.

Yes, I know.  So fasten your seat belt Dorthy – the good reverend awaits.

Oh hey, let’s investigate his source.



Hmmm…oh and snopes says its BS, just if you are really concerned about your overpriced coffee.  Research time less than one minute.  Hmm…I wonder if possible anything else the good pastor says should be questioned?



To our WBC friends, some sage advice from Betty Bowers.

The Westboro Baptist Church is the face of religion moderate religious folk prefer not to see.  Intolerance, hate, and ignorance are all lauded values that are encouraged and propagated through this vile system.  This clip is from 20/20 a mainstream documentary show in the USA.  20/20 gave a lot of air time to the fact that the WBC often protests at military funerals with its screeds celebrating the deaths of American soldiers.  Patriotism is one angle that you can still attack religion in the US.

The clip is horrendous.  The father and mother have the faces of the true believer (and they pass their hate on to their children), you can imagine they would be the ones happily torturing heretics and witches during the inquisition, or happily performing ethnic cleansing in the name of god.  This is the twisted syrupy-sick hate filled face of Theocracy.

We at DWR stand and denounce this behaviour, in the name of decency, morality and rationality; concomitantly announcing to the world that Religion has no place in the 21st century.

A hat tip to Womanist Musings for the redirect to this article entitled The Growing Power of the Men’s Rights Movement.

The article itself was well written and brought attention to the radical agenda that certain MRA groups have going.  They are becoming cohesive and organized enough to start making judicial and legal differences.

The MRA movement is an expected backlash to the idea that women can be people too.   I know this is a radical idea, but it is vigorously opposed by these fundamentalist misogynists. But what is appalling are the comments left by the so called representatives of the MRA.  Let’s take a small sample:

(trigger warning)

“ONCE AGAIN, feminist c*nts CONTINUE TO LIE to promote their man-hating campaign.”

“Oh, no kidding. You mean when you refuse to count anything a woman may do to a man as domestic violence, and when you include men who hold up their hands to prevent women from striking them in the head (again) as abusers, your data show that men are more violent than women? Wow.”

“But this faulty rationale fails to recognize the difference between unjust oppression and healthy restriction; limiting a gender’s job responsibilities based on natural capacity is not the same as limiting a racial group’s opportunities based on appearance.”

“delusional c*nts are so funny when they are trying to make sense. this is why women belong in the kitchen and not online. they are too f*cking DUMB to make a coherent, rational point without resorting to hysterics. LAWL :D men need to learn how to protect themselves from these violent, dangerous, man-hating c*nts”

“In the last two weeks, both sex trafficking AND unequal pay have been officially exposed as myths created by feminists and based upon deliberate lies spread by those feminists in order to further the selfish interests of women (and esp. feminists themselves)”

I am saddened by the sheer burning stupidity left on the comments section.  The vitriol expressed not only toward women but the rights they are fighting for is shameful.

I thought debating religious people was frustrating.  I would not want to even go there and attempt *any* sort of rational debate with this people.  They really seem to be without redemption.

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