Introspection can be difficult to take seriously on a blog post. I mean, what are the author’s motives? How genuine is the feeling behind the words? I read a lot of brilliant in your face posts over at Shakesville. The stable of writers they have are earnestly committed to identifying, deconstructing and laying the smack down on the patriarchy and its associated evils.   I respect that and try to do similar things here at DWR.

Speaking of associated evils, the article on Rape Culture from Shakesville is illuminating and if it does not stir your sense of empathy and humanity then you may have something seriously wrong with your inner workings.  Highly recommended reading.

There are so many things fundamentally wrong with our culture: capitalism, patriarchy, religion, Steven Harper… that need a great deal of time and effort to rectify (how is that for an understatement). The obstacles to the progressive evolution of our society are huge. But what is worse, the largest obstacle we all face is complacency.

IrresponsibilityComplacency. We in North America have it all. Most of us in the Blogosphere do not worry about which has priority; food or rent. We do not worry about being assaulted or murdered or exploited in horrendous ways. We take for granted the security, the comfort, the privilege that comes with living in North America. We pour out our frustrations on the web others view and agree or disagree and we move on. Do our criticisms matter once you switch the power-bar off? Does our discontent transfer to the rest of society? In most cases, due to what I believe is endemic complacency, I believe the answer to the last two questions to be “No”.

Is the Blogosphere a safety valve for mainstream society? It could easily fit that role because for the most part because bloggers ignored, while the elites maintain business as usual. Canadians and Americans seem to be okay with this. Social justice is good to talk about, doing it is a completely different proposition. Inertia and complacency (nurtured by our media) rot the very foundations of our culture, but then who cares “mad men” is on and we need to be up on our soaps (sports works as well in this regard) so we can engage in meandering persiflage as opposed to discussing what is actually happening in our society.

Must it get so bad that the powers that be forbid collecting rainwater after privatizing the water utility as they did in Bolivia? How far will we need to fall before people wake up to the forces shaping society for their benefit?

Will you take action or shrug your shoulders and put your head down and accept the ‘inevitable’?