Ah, cue the outrage.  We certainly cannot have seven (7!) year old children traipsing around in a carnival role which is being described by the media as “sexy”.  I’m curious as to why it is culturally acceptable for mature females to prance around during Carnival topless but not children.

I mean, speculating from Puritan North America it would be easy to categorize the whole affair as an exercise in lewd, hyper sexual ribaldry.  But is it a fair analysis?  The BBC’s article weighs in:

“The Rio de Janeiro state Council for the Defence of Children and Adolescents suggested it would only “increase the treatment of children as sexual objects in Brazilian society”.

Whoa…there we go, objectifying people is bad.  Whoops!  Hang on…

“We’re not against kids participating in Carnival; it’s part of Brazilian culture,” the council’s director, Carlos Nicodemos, told the Associated Press (AP) news agency.

“What we can’t allow is putting a seven-year-old girl in a role that traditionally has a very sexual focus.”

Oh, I get it, it is okay to objectify older females.

But this is right out…

Hmm… her protective father says the following:

“Any man who looks at a seven-year-old girl and feels any sort of excitement should go see a doctor,” her father, Marco Lira, told AP.

Way to go Dad!  People just need to realize that objectifying women starts at a later age and that putting a child in a stereotypical ‘sexy’ role is all about the dance and the carnival and not an iota of anything else.


Another victory against the Patriarchy for sure.

Update: Fire has ravaged the floats this year (2011).