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The Alberta government is lowering royalty rates for the gas and oil industry.  It is a bold initiative, that will bring  jobs, prosperity and pink frakking Unicorns back to our lovely province. Apparently the old royalty review was just too darn hard on the industry.

Douche-Nozzle and Premier of Oilberta

We have just spent the last year and a half recovering from the last bout of fiscal looting and pillaging brought on by the business class so it is right about time to lower government revenue because we need less money, not more, to fund out starving public sector.  Great Scott we need to close a few more schools and hospitals as right now we are falling behind in the race to the bottom.

The paucity of morals and commitment to the people of Alberta is vomit-worthy.  Honestly, could the kowtowing and subservience to the Oil Patch be any more blatant?  This is not even the right question.

The million dollar question is will people actually give a flying flaming hoop about how they are being sold down the river by our government and will they care enough to vote the PC’s out of office?

Oh, by the way the competition review was written by the Gas and Oil Industry.  Certainly a fair shake for all Albertans.  If you read closely you can actually hear the smirk and audacious tone Mr.Collyer uses.

Dave Collyer, head of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers:

“I think it was a significant step forward in restoring investor confidence in Alberta and I think that makes it a good day for not just the industry but for Albertans. This is really about getting investment back into the province, getting Alberta back in the game and that creates activity and that drives jobs and that’s good for the province overall. So I think it was a positive announcement in both tone and substance. So we’re encouraged by it but we’ve got a ways to go yet in terms of getting the industry fully back on its feet.”

Contrast this with what Amy Taylor has to say from the Pembina Institute:

Amy Taylor, senior economist with the Pembina Institute:

“First and foremost, we have concerns with the process that the provincial government embarked upon in which they came to the conclusion that they needed to make adjustments to the royalty scheme applicable to oil and gas in Alberta and more specifically, they made that decision based on conversations and meetings and negotiations that they had over the course of the last several months with industry and industry alone. And we’re talking about a resource that is owned by Albertans. The citizens of this province own the resource and it’s imperative in our opinion that they be consulted when these kind of changes are being considered.”

Transparency and the interests of the people of Alberta have always been low on Ed Stelmach’s list of things to do, but this is just outright pillaging.  And for what?  Because the Wild Rose Fascists are undermining the government from the Right?  You bet it is.   Albertans are getting a dry splintery broomstick in the anus, in regards to resource royalties,  because the quavering lick-spittle progressive conservatives are afraid of  alienating their ‘base’ and will not stand up for the peoples’ interests.

The people of Alberta need to put a stop to these shenanigans, the sooner the better.

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