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Whoops, not Canadian, no reproductive rights for you!

The Conservative government of Canada once again proves that it is anti-choice, anti-rational and anti-woman.  The CBC said:

“A Liberal motion to include a broader range of family planning programs, including contraception, in a maternal health initiative for developing countries, was defeated 144-138 in the House of Commons Tuesday.”

A Liberal motion in the house of commons that was based on fact and evidence in the field was voted down.

“The motion tabled by Liberal foreign affairs critic Bob Rae said Canada’s maternal health proposal to G8 nations must be based on “scientific evidence, which proves that education and family planning can prevent as many as one in every three maternal deaths” and refrain from the “failed right-wing ideologies” of former U.S. president George W. Bush.”

Shocking as it may seem to the CPC, access to reproductive services saves lives.

“Earlier in the day, Rae said the government has refused to acknowledge scientific evidence that shows reducing deaths of women during childbirth in developing countries is inextricably linked to the availability of family planning”

So rather than own up to their anti-woman, anti-science platform the Conservatives decide this is an attempt to reopen the abortion debate?  How the frack does this make sense?  The question of Abortion in Canada has been settled legally (Access to facilities though is another story).   Women have the legal right to access abortions and other health services when they deem fit.  Nothing to debate.  What minister Oda says is just a sad attempt to cover the Canadian government’s twisted socially conservative roots.

Denying Women Rights World Wide - A compassionate conservative.

“Oda described the Liberal motion as a “transparent attempt to reopen the abortion debate that we have clearly said we have no intention to getting into.”

She insisted the government understands the urgency of ensuring that women can have a safe, healthy pregnancy, and she cited statistics suggesting that as many as 80 per cent of deaths during childbirth are easily preventable by providing basic needs such as clean water and access to trained health-care workers.”

Just be open with us Bev, the freedoms Canadian women have should not apply to women of other countries, after-all it is God given right for a woman to die in childbirth.

Another day, another religious scandal.  The unctuous Catholic Church continues to devolve and show it true colours as the amoral cesspool they call a clergy is now very sorry for raping and abusing thousands of children in Ireland since 2005.

Did someone just say 'alter boy'?

“Pope Benedict XVI has released a letter apologizing for years of physical and sexual abuse suffered by Irish children at the hands of priests.

“Your trust has been betrayed and your dignity has been violated,” the Pope told victims. “I am truly sorry. I know that nothing can undo the wrong you have endured.”

The Pope said he felt “shame and remorse” over what the victims have endured and praised their courage in speaking out about their abuse. He also acknowledged that in many cases, no one listened to their complaints.

“You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry,” he said.

It seems like institutionalized rape and abuse is a-okay -of course until the shamed victims shed their fear and call you on your atrocious record.

Religion needs to go away.  Christopher Hitchens, writing at Slate,  does his usual excellent job at dismantling particular story, more so than I could at the moment, so enjoy his smack down of the this particularly evil religious moment.

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