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Canada's own high representative of batshite-crazy misogyny.

The catholic church really needs to go.  They are doing a fairly good job at self immolation as is, but the process itself is taking too long.  The cloistered catholic church wankers, from their deslutory anti-rational palace of fuckwittery, make another bold statement:

“Ouellet apparently had no intention of wading into a public policy debate when called abortion a “moral crime” as serious as murder and said it is never justified — even in cases of rape.”

Not surprisingly, given Canada’s proclivity toward rationality, this little gem of religiously approved anti-woman twaddle did not go over well.   Now Ouellet is doing PR backflips in order to correct the ‘spin’ he claims the media has put on his words.

“He’s not calling for re-criminalization. He was talking [about] a moral thing. This is a moral issue. He was not bringing this to the judicial level.”

Ah, right.  The RCC is certainly not about limiting women’s access to reproductive services.  They are not about buggering alter boys either.

At least the politicians in the Quebec know how to deal with the bullshite that oozes from the church’s direction.

“Parti Québécois Leader Pauline Marois, speaking at a weekend party policy conference, said she was “absolutely outraged” by the remarks and that Ouellet was trying to undo rights won decades ago.

“These remarks … take us back to [the] Middle Ages,” said Alexa Conradi, president of the Quebec Women’s Federation.

“At the same time, my concern really is at the federal level. There is movement of right wing Catholic groups to find different ways to re-criminalize abortion.”

Conradi said that since the Conservatives came to power, there have been a number of — failed — attempts to get private member’s bills passed that threaten Canadian women’s legal rights to an abortion”

This Ouelleut is a real peach.   He concurs with the Steven Harper’s G8 initiative that gives a hearty thumbs up to sentencing women to die because it dovetails nicely with  his sickeningly inane religious beliefs:

“Ouellet applauded the Harper government for its stance against funding abortions in the developing world.”

Your church sponsored douchery has a place.  Firmly in the past. Condemning women to die and denying them their autonomy is reprehensible and has no place in the 21st century.

Or do not.

C0nc0rdance from ytube does a good job of showing that we should not abandon the reasoned evidence based approach to medicine because of the amoral behaviour of some pharmaceutical companies.

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