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The delusional are really frothing at the moment, so much supercilious froth that a national government has taken notice and decided to ban facebook from being viewed from their county.  Way to go Pakistan, your pandering to bullshit stories and fatuous mythologies being peddled by the inane demagogues of Islam makes you an international laughing stock.

“The Pakistani government has blocked the popular social networking website Facebook because of a page inviting users to submit pictures of the Prophet Muhammad.

The page, titled “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!”, was created in April to protest threats made by a Muslim group against the creators of the cartoon television show South Park after they depicted Muhammad in a bear suit during an episode earlier this year.”

Let me slow this down for you – drawing a picture, yes folks, a mere picture of Mohammad is enough to send the batshite crazies into a frenzy.

“But it has sparked outrage in Pakistan, where many Muslims consider images of the prophet, even favourable ones, to be blasphemous.

On Wednesday, the Lahore High Court ordered government officials to block the site until May 31, according to the deputy attorney general of Punjab province, Naveed Inayat Malik.

The Pakistani government on Tuesday ordered internet service providers in the country to block the page only, said

Take that, Heathens!! Allah denies you your status updates!

Khurram Ali, a spokesman for the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority, which regulates the telecommunications network in the country.”

Lawyers with the Islamic Lawyers Forum appealed to the higher court on Wednesday, saying the entire site should be blocked because it had allowed the page to be posted in the first place, Malik said.

Oh, it is blasphemous. Now that is great reason to restrict access to the internet.  Your particular sky daddy get pissed off when he’s drawn?  Time to grow the frack up Pakistan and stop drinking the religious kool-aid.  But what tasty kool-aid it is.

“Lawyers outside the courtroom hailed the ruling, chanting “down with Facebook.”

In the southern city of Karachi, 2,000 female students rallied demanding that Facebook be banned for tolerating the controversial web page. Several dozen male students held a rally nearby, with some holding signs that urged Islamic holy war against those who blaspheme the prophet.”

You have no place in the 21st century.  When your kooky religion hits the internet it has and will continue to be exposed as the dangerously magical tripe that it is.

[the creators of the facebook draw mohammed page said]”We simply want to show the extremists that threaten to harm people because of their Mohammed depictions that we’re not afraid of them,” they wrote. “That they can’t take away our right to freedom of speech by trying to scare us into silence.”

Absolutely.  Keep your religious bullcookery private, and you will not be ridiculed.  Bring it out front and into the pubic sphere expect nothing less the the mockery that it deserves.