LETHBRIDGE, Alta. – “A skateboarder using an electronic device didn’t get to the other side of the road.

Witnesses and the driver told police that a male on the skateboard was looking down at an electronic device when he was crossing the street outside the crosswalk.

Bobby-Joe Takes choice two from the saying "Skate or Die".

They say the driver tried to stop his vehicle, but couldn’t avoid colliding with the skateboarder.

Austin John Lawrence, 18, is charged under the Traffic Safety Act with crossing a roadway at a point other than a crosswalk and failing to yield to a motor vehicle on the roadway.

The fine for the traffic violation is $57.”

This story warms my heart.  I am bombard with stories about the digital age and being wired and social networking.  How about this being a cautionary tale for those who think they can text and drive?  Multi-tasking is just another word for doing multiple things poorly.

Stop it.