One of the reasons that religion still clings to humanity, not unlike a pesky fungal infection, is that parents teach their children the religion they themselves have been brainwashed with.  The true believers really do not have an answer to the problem posed as thus: If you were born in India you would here arguing for Vishnu and the primacy of the Hindu Pantheon of Gods as a opposed to Zombie jesus and talking snakes.  So the determining factor of the ‘one true faith’ has much to do with where you were born as opposed to which mythology you intend to internalize.

Feckless claims of the ‘one true religion’ aside, the real problem is that children do not have a chance to gain their critical faculties before being dogmatically ‘educated’ into a particular delusional sect of belief.   The ritual poisoning of children’s minds needs to stop as it can have quite disastrous consequences.