Summer vacation is never complete without a trip to Kaslo, British Columbia.  Packing up the fiancee and parental unit we embarked on the 12 hour car trip (Oh, and a stop off at Radium Hotsprings as well) to the funky/quaint town known as Kaslo.  It is a week of intensive learning, singing and general revelry.  This year, as last, was a good time.   Let the photoblogging begin!

Getting to Kaslo from Alberta requires a ferry ride. Woo!

In a valley surrounded by mountains and lakes (Kootaney lake in photo), oh the horror.

The Moyie, one of the largest paddle wheel boats in existence. Now a museum.

Kaslo is a hamlet that sees some rain, evidenced by the mossy roof.

A sample of the flowers at the Kaslo townsite.

Ah, singing central, everyday from 10 till 3 of drilling and singing and more singing.

Our trusty steed and lodging for the week at Kaslo. The local ravens decided that our jeep was a great place for their bird-doo.

The beach was a five minute walk away from our lodging. It was lovely, except for the rain. :)

One of the singers brought her Shetland Sheepdog "Mcduff" along for the week. And as in most cases, the experience is always enhanced when dog is added.

Looking North at the continental divide on the Kootenay ferry, and so endeth our Kaslo trip for the year