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Strap on the feedbags y’all.  Because if you have not maxed out your gluttony meters yet have we got a deal for you.  All the goodness of a cheese burger cradled in the sugary luxury of a glazed maple doughnut.

1500 calories and wating in quantity at a Fair near you…

Oh!  It is that news story that got bumped off the radar because the two business parties of the US cannot decide how best to rid their society of the evilz of the pesky socialism.   The famine in the horn of Africa continues…

The most recent (and continuing) episode of people dying miserable deaths due to starvation and lack of potable water...

Future historians, if we have future historians, will look back and wonder, “What the frack were their priorities back then?”.  We can talk of geopolitics and of population control or even government corruption.  Really, just choose your scapegoat and then you can feel better and justified about the state of the world and your position in it.

With the great intersection of science and technology we can send vehicles to Mars, or produce a precision guided missile that can guide itself to within 10m of the intended target.   We can garner resources to bury a 27 kilometer length of concrete tunnel, ring it with superconductors and smash atoms, yet we cannot figure out how to feed people who are starving to death in another part of the world.

This is happening right now.  We are culpable for our actions.  This is our watch.  We’re failing, on a grand scale,  in the most basic aspects of altruism and empathy for others.  We worship consumption and continue to celebrate our civilization blind to our own history and struggle, nestled within the tenuous safety of our technological achievements.

The world burns and we revel in our cheese-burger-doughnuts.  A civilized culture indeed.

*update* Oh!  Food is a no-go…but tobacco, that friends is a different story.

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