Somedays you go looking for trouble, other days you just step in it.  On a whim I  followed a link from a discussion over at The Drudgeretort back to one of the commenters own little putrid slice of the blogosphere.  I was greeted by the  feverish ramblings of the delusional in favour stripping women of rights to her body.   Justified, of course,  by none other than the magic christain book of inanity that says its OKAY (unsurprisingly) to treat women like chattel.

Anti-choice, anti-rational, anti-woman - Religion for the Win!

We’re going to examine a particularly vile post advocating what seems to be the end of female bodily autonomy.  The author a thoroughly bizarre narrative stream of godbag tosh referring to the christian boogyman Satan as Mr. Beelzebub.  Laughable at the onset, the patronizing tone sets the stage for the upcoming anti-woman religious baffle gab.

Mr. Beelzebub says many things to make abortion appear as just another meaningless thought with no consequences or judgement from our Creator. Here’s a few stretches on abortion along with my statement in red:”  (I guess I’ll have to use green, as our delusional friend is using red to share his wisdom with us.  You know its going to be a wild ride in the land of Fail when you see “The Creator” capitalized in the first sentence.)

1.  It’s a womans body, so it’s her right. ( Her body is her temple, and God said to protect and take care of your temple. Her right is to protect the child within her temple because they are as one.)  

Well, it is actually a woman’s body, so what she does with it is her business.  “God said…” well that’s enough to invalidate any argument, so point number one is a wash. 

2.  It’s not a child, it’s nothing until it’s born. ( He labels the child ‘It’ to distance the child from mother.)

Oh, beware of the temptations of the ‘darkside’ of my mythology of choice and creates a straw man all at the same time.  “It” has several names as it matures inside the woman uterus, blastocyst, fetus etc.  Calling it a child at these stages is one of the time honoured anti-choice obfuscations of fact.  You can call an acorn an oak tree if you’d like, but you’d still be wrong.

3.  Feminism gave you the power, use it in all ways. ( With great power comes great responsibility and like anything, Feminism should call for the respect of others and remember that ”just because I can” is not a good reason.)

Wow, channelling the wisdom of Stan Lee and Spiderman to serve the religious whack-a-nut cause.  Stay tuned for the next biblical announcement from the Flash about the horrors of premature ejaculation (god hates that too).  Feminism does call for the respect of “others” namely women, you know, the half of society that the religious wish to disenfranchise and marginalize.  Feminism argues that women should be treated like well, people,  as opposed to incubators.  

4.  Abortion clinics beats mass wire hanger abortion. (The ends doesn’t justify the means.  Legal abortion has caused irreversible harm to way more souls, the living and the unborn.)

    I have no idea what the point in black means other than that yes indeed, having a medical professional perform an abortion is much safer than illegal means.  Misogyny is always ugly, but it is contemptibly vile when dressed in the tattered religious trappings attempting to masquerade as ‘ethical’. 

Newsflash: Women will seek abortion whether it is legal are not, and by what you have said its okay for more of them to die because they cannot access the procedure withing the relative safety of hospital or clinic.  But murdering women for god is nothing new for christians, hello Inquisition.  

4.  These are unwanted fetuses and they will be an unwanted children left for tax payers to take care of. ( So we’re prejudging millions of souls, we’re suppose to judge before knowing, how is this Godly?)

     God kills millions of babies every month, every year etc.  Ever notice that thing that happens to women oh..once a month…all that egg goodness gets washed away.  Coupled with the fact that roughly 2/3 of fertilized eggs don’t implant and get exuded means your sky-daddy is all about the murder from stage one. 

Oh and you’ll have to prove there is a soul in the first place for any of  the above horsepucky to make sense. 

5.  Why make a female suffer through child-birth when raped, molested or she has medical issues where death is possible while giving birth. ( The devil is good at throwing in arguments that will make us go hmm. This is the debate we should be having regarding abortions, not the all out, everything goes policy we have now.)

That darned devil, making arguments for the idea that women are autonomous human beings and have the right to choose what goes on in their bodies. The whole idea smacks of  freedom, equality and justice.  Therefore, the religious must be against it.

“As Christians we shouldn’t [sic] except abortions as a necessary evil to protect us from us. [You certainly don’t have to, but for the rest of us who are not afflicted with jebus on the brain, piss-off.]We can also acknowledge ones right to choose, but hold firm to the idea of right and wrong choices[Decided on by who?  You amazing moral guide written by the supreme being who in his commandments made no mention of rape?  The bible is no place even to start a reasonable ethical system]. Have we gotten so soft on whats wrong that it just don’t matter anymore [I’m sorry about your problem :)].  Well it matters, when so many loose their way and open up to sin, it affects us all [citation needed], and I refuse to voluntarily surrender my soul to this foolishness, I will be no part [You make it sound like giving something up that you most likely don’t have is some sort of big deal.  It isn’t.].”

And there you have it folks, partriarchally approved anti-woman, anti-choice religious douche-baggery at it finest.  Isn’t the inherent misogyny grand? Damn women wanting a voice of what goes on in their bodies…the nerve.